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Turf oversowing is the easiest way to fill bare spots, improve turf density, establish improved grass varieties and enhance turf colour. At Geelong’s Turfcare and Hire we offer oversowing as an option for commercial turf and sports turf maintenance.

If your existing grass is patchy, sunburnt, damaged or dying, turf oversowing offers the best results for reinvigorated grass.

Turf oversowing uses a dimple or drill seeder to punch holes into the dirt, aerating the surface and planting seed directly into the hole. This direct method has a better strike rate than simply putting seed on top of the existing surface, meaning a higher percentage of grass will grow.

Our experienced team has worked with an extensive range of grass varieties and specialises in turf management for commercial lawn installation and oval renovations across Geelong, Melbourne, the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula.

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