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Turfcare and Hire has a selection of turf spraying products to achieve the best results for your turf, ranging from bio-organic Hybrid-Ag fertilisers to herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and instecticides.

We can also help obtain soil tests to determine which nutrients are lacking in your soil and customise a turf spraying program to boost the quality of your turf.

Turf spraying programs in Geelong

At Turfcare and Hire we use the industry-leading Toro Multi Pro® for fast and cost-effective turf spraying, covering up to 15 hectares in one day. We also offer tractor and tank spraying for up to eight hectares per day, as well as backpack spraying for roadsides.

We’ve worked closely with schools, sporting clubs and local councils, delivering unique turf spraying products to treat a variety of common problems, including:

Growth – if growth of your turf surface is becoming a time issue, Turfcare and Hire can apply growth regulator to minimise your mowing time. The chemical is applied and is active in approximately two hours, with growth is slowing by the days end.

Weeds – not only unsightly in your grassed surface, but the problem gets worse every year. Pre and post-emergent herbicides are available for this and can make a big visual difference to your oval or field.

Disease – hot and humid conditions bring on disease in turf surfaces. Cool season species can suffer under these conditions if left untreated. Cutting turf when wet and dewy in humid conditions can lead to disease forming and causing severe damage overnight. Turfcare and Hire has a range of fungicides and insecticides for preventative and curative applications.

While we recommend using the Toro Multi Pro® for fast, even distribution of chemicals and easy manoeuvrability for those hard-to-reach areas, we can also discuss other options to suit your specific needs, including back pack and hand spraying.

Talk to our experienced team and we can assess and recommend tailored turf spraying products and programs to suit your turf.

We specialise in commercial and sports turf maintenance for Geelong and surrounds, including top-dressing, turf laser levelling, oval construction and turf scarifying.

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