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Turfcare and Hire offers contract instant turf laying and sprigging. We work with a variety of schools, local councils and commercial clients to find the best turf depending on their budget and the desired results.

Commercial lawn installation

At Turfcare and Hire we can provide both washed and unwashed turf, depending on the soil needs and budget for each turf laying project. We have a selection of high-quality turfing options to choose from. Our most popular include:

Santa Ana

Santa Ana instant turf is a great all-rounder. This couch grass variety is hard-wearing and drought tolerant, making it perfect for a wide variety of applications, from professional-grade sports turf to commercial lawns.

Fine-leafed and soft to the touch, Santa Ana turf is low-maintenance. This turf can handle high-traffic areas and shows excellent self-repairing abilities.


As one of the most drought-tolerant turfs available, Kikuyu is a popular choice for commercial lawn installations and sporting turf. This hard-wearing warm season turf thrives in hot, dry conditions and has high self-repair qualities.

With more than a decade’s experience in turf laying, Turfcare and Hire can provide pH testing to ensure the correct the correct pH-balance in your soil to complement your chosen turf, as well as laser levelling, turf oversowing and other turf management.

Turf sprigging

Turf sprigging is a cost-effective alternative to turf laying, especially effective for oval renovations or cricket wicket reconstructions. We process a roll of turf through our sprigging machine, breaking down each leaf of the plant into a tiny leaf of grass. This is rolled into the oval surface and grows faster than traditional seed.

At Turfcare and Hire we can also help with ongoing sports turf maintenance, including turf spraying. Our team is happy to assess your surface and recommend the best products and services to improve your turf.

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